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♫ ⟶ candid smiles

♫ ⟶ c a n d i d s m i l e s
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k-pop graphics & misc. writings by Abbey ♥
♥ candid smiles

Welcome to candid smiles, Abbey's new graphics community (her previous one being xmintchocopie). Majority of the graphics will be on Korean pop culture, but will also include a few other personal fandoms like Gossip Girl, Twilight, etc. when she has the chance to. Shinees are for members only, so please join! It would mean a lot to me. Comments & constructive criticisms are also welcome. :)

♥ follow the rules

☂ Credit abbeyloveshero or candidsmiles if taking & using anything.
☂ Do not use my art & writings to make your own & claim it as yours. Textless icons are not bases. Please don't edit anything I make.
☂ Bashing & insulting anyone or anything in the community will not be tolerated. If you don't like, don't look.
☂ Do not hotlink anything.

Please follow the rules or Changmin will cry!

Profile codes by: fading_melody.